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Health Coaching

Do you have health goals but don't know where to start?


Let me help you develop your

health strategy plan,

 while understanding your current situation, and understanding your goals,

so, you can focus on sustaining your optimal life!

Wellness Learning

Are you a YOGA or Wellness Practitioner?

Do you love Learning Wellness Skills?

Do you want to discover Health Coaching techniques that apply to your practice?

If you said YES to any of these questions...
contact me to find out more about my YACEP® Continuing Education Programs

Health Podcast

Listen and Learn about health and
living your highest quality of life.

"Fountain of Aging"
with the Healthy Aging Pod Squad!

This 'fireside' chat discusses

traditional and alternative means

related to health and wellness.


I have a passion for health and education. And I believe in the transformative power of inspiring stories!

In my quest to resolve my own health issues, I found my purpose, in helping others live their optimal life at any phase. After years of ongoing stomach pains and digestive issues without any answers to understand the root cause and only band-aid solutions. This led me to learn about food as medicine, gut health, yoga, and the importance of acceptance, awareness, and accountability for optimal longevity. Over these past twenty years, I implemented this knowledge and life lessons to heal myself. And I continue to learn with each passing day.

Now I want to help people find solutions unique to their needs that will help them heal and improve their quality of life. My hope is for everyone to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled whole-istic life.

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